All equipment manufactured by ITB are, without exception, tested in modern laboratories capable of performing all the routine tests provided for international and ABNT´s standards. Type and special tests, such as atmospheric impulse, temperature rise, noise, power factor of the insulation, are performed as an internal routine and even, at the request of the customer.


A strict quality control is applied to the inputs used in the products manufactured by ITB, mainly in the insulating oil, insulation papers, copper or aluminum wires. All the equipments are supplied with mineral or vegetal insulating oil at the discretion of the user, to the vacuum, thus avoiding the manual control.


Our team of engineers and technicians make up a team capable of developing an extensive research and development activity that, over the years, has established the name ITB as a synonym for quality.

The requirements of the ABNT, IEC or ANSI standards are fully complied with, and can also meet specific customer requirements.