Automatic single phase voltage regulators

Automatic single phase voltage regulators

ITB´s single-phase automatic voltage regulators model RAV-2, with controls model CTR-2, form an equipment capable of measuring and correcting the voltage drops of the distribution lines caused by the current of the load on own line impedance. They can be used in single-phase or three-phase systems, in substations, along the distribution lines or at the entrance of a specific consumer.

They have been developed to have simple installation, easy operation and minimal maintenance exceeding the specifications of standards ABNT NBR 11809, IEEE ANSI C.57.15 and IEC 60076.

The regulator is a self-transformer in insulating oil with series-side source winding (Type B), equipped with on-load tap-changer which, together with the reactor, enables 33 leads, 16 upwards, 16 downwards and Position. It regulates the line voltage by correcting deviations of up to ± 10% with steps of 0.625% of the rated voltage.

Line-level measurements and analyzes are made by a microcontrolled CTR-2 electronic control device that automatically controls the switch and also accumulates register and position indicator functions.

Technical Standards

ABNT NBR 11809
IEC 60076

Measurement chart

Measurement chart - Automatic single-phase voltage regulators